• Admissions is open to newly-arrived immigrant students who are English Language Learners, reside in  Queens, New York, have completed 8th grade and have academic records to enroll in the 9th or 10th grade of high school. 
    1. PARENT/GUARDIAN ID (valid passport/alien registration/driver’s license)

    If GUARDIAN A GUARDIANSHIP LETTER (IN ENGLISH) – notarized letter from
    PARENT stating guardian’s name must include notarized copy of photo id from parent

    CUSTODIAL AFFIDAVIT use when there is no ID from parents with guardianship letter,
    when you are presented with a copy of a birth certificate, or when you can not verify the birth
    parents through any means.

    2. STUDENT ID (must be photo ID - passport, alien registration, etc.)


    What documents may be accepted to prove residency?

    1. Proof of address must be provided when enrolling a student in school.

    2. A telephone bill, cable bill, credit card bill, medical insurance card, or driver’s license is
    not acceptable proof of address. Proof of address may be verified by:

    a. a residential utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name issued by
    Keyspan, Con Edison, or the Long Island Power Authority (for the Rockaways)
    within the prior 60 days; or

    b. documentation or letter on letterhead from a federal, state, or local government
    agency, including the IRS, the City Housing Authority, Human Resources
    Administration, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), or an ACS
    subcontractor indicating the resident’s name and address issued within the
    prior 60 days; or

    c. a combination of any two of the following:

    • an original lease agreement, deed or mortgage statement for the residence;

    • a current property tax bill for the residence;

    • a water bill for the residence;

    • official payroll documentation from an employer issued within the past 60 days
    such as a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or a payroll receipt.
    A letter on the employer’s letterhead is not adequate.
    None of the documents listed in section 2C above will suffice alone.

    4. Original Birth Certificate – Verifies student’s birth date and who the parents are. If no birth certificate, look on school records or on student’s passport for this information (If you still can not verify birth parents, have parents fill out a Custodial Affidavit)

    5. Provisional or Complete Immunizations 

    Provisional = DPT, 1 dose of Polio, 1 MMR shot - all within two months of registration

    6. TB Results (within one year or must be done again within two weeks of registration)

    REQUIREMENTS BELOW MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN TWO MONTHS OF REGISTRATION EXCEPTIONS: under age 15 and over age 18: we can not register UNTIL UNDER 15: must present in ENGLISH 8th grade transcript/diploma OVER 18: must present in ENGLISH 9th & 10th grade transcript

    7. 211 S. Form (medical exam)

Last Modified on November 5, 2015