Welcome to Newcomers High School

    College Office - Room 112B


    The counselors and advisers are available to guide and advise you, but you must make the decisions and follow through in meeting all deadlines. You should keep all college related materials and application copies organized in a separate folder for each college you are considering.

    Remember that it is your responsibility to check your application status to ensure that colleges have received all required documents including the records from your country with the English translation in support of your application


    Take your SAT

    Continue your scholarship search

    Visit colleges

    Take your SAT again if you wish
    Take ACT or TOEFL as needed

    To be eligible for fee waivers:
    • Bring proof of your parents/guardians.
    Continue applying for scholarships.
    Apply to your chosen colleges.
    Remember to followup with the colleges.

Last Modified on November 27, 2017