• We offer our students the opportunity to take College Now courses at Newcomers High School in partnership with LaGuardia Community College. Students who take and pass these courses get free CUNY college credits, which can be transfered to CUNY colleges and other universities. If you are interested in taking College Now courses at Newcomers High School please talk to your counselor or meet with fMr. Kevin Jackson, the coordinator of the College Now Program. You may contact him at 718-937-6005, Ext. 310 or email him at kjackson@schools.nyc.gov 
    College Now Course at Newcomers High School
    SCP140 Topics in Astronomy
    3 credits; 3 hours (2 lecture, 1 lab) This course surveys modern astronomy with special emphasis on recent developments in space and astrophysics. Among the topics to be covered will be planetary astronomy and geology, the moon, the possibility of life on other worlds, energy production in stars, stellar evolution, pulsars, quasars, “black holes,” and cosmology. 
    MAT115 College Algebra and Trigonometry
    3 credits; 4 hours (3 lecture, 1 lab) This course will start with a review of basic algebra (factoring, solving linear equations, and equalities, etc.) and proceed to a study of polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. These functions will be used in applications involving simple mathematical modeling where students will engage in inquiry activities aimed at improving critical thinking skills. 
    CSE120 Reading the Biography
    3 credits; 3 hours. This course will introduce students to the critical reading and evaluation of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries and journals. The aims of the course will be to: evaluate claims to truth and truthful recollections; examine historical claims through first person accounts; develop awareness of the methods and techniques of biographical and autobiographical writing; understand the uses of biographical writing and its place in society; explore biographies and autobiographies as vehicles for the creation of the self. The student will become proficient and develop a deeper appreciation of biographical narratives and their uses in self-understanding.  
    SCB101 Topics in Biological Sciences
    3 credits; 3 hours (2 lecture, 1 lab). This course serves as an introduction to biology for the non- science majors. It will cover topics such as basic chemistry, cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, anatomy and physiology, evolution, and ecology. The scientific method and application of quantitative techniques, data analysis, interpretation and presentation will also be covered. 
    BTT101 Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
    3 credits; 3 hours. This course is an overview of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It explores the structures, products and services of industry suppliers, such as transportation companies, attractions, hotels and other lodging providers, and of marketing organizations, such as travel agencies, tour packagers and destination-promotion organizations. The course also traces the evolution of the industry and explores its role in contemporary life. 
    HUC102 Principles of Communication
    3 credits; 4 hours. This course introduces non-native speakers to the basic principles of communication, such as concepts of interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public speaking, in a variety of cultural contexts. In addition, students will learn the principles of articulation, phonetics, and introductory sociolinguistics. 
    ESA099 Basic Writing for NNS of English
    0 credits; 6 hours (4 lecture, 2 lab) (Equivalent to ENG099). This course aims at developing college-level writing proficiency. By emphasizing the writing process, rhetorical conventions, summary writing, paraphrasing and analytical language skills, the course will prepare students for timed, high-stakes essays, such as the CATW. In addition, students will learn to identify and correct grammatical errors in their own compositions and learn to employ argumentative and other rhetorical modes in a short essay form to clearly express ideas written in academic English. 
    MAT096 Elementary Algebra
    0 credit; 6 hours (5 lecture, 1 lab) (Equivalent to First Year Institute USM096 or USM097). This course provides a careful treatment of elementary algebra, beginning with linear equations, ending with quadratic equations and emphasizing the interplay between graphic and algebraic representations. Topics include straight line graphs, systems of linear equations, introduction to functions, rules of exponents, polynomial algebra, factoring, radical expressions and the quadratic formula.
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