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    CSE110 Literacy and Propaganda

    3 credits; 3 hours

    This course introduces students to methods of understanding a highly developed and pervasive discourse: propaganda. Emphasis is placed on reading materials that use the persuasive and argumentative language of politics, advertising, cultural discussions and the media. Political speeches, essays, editorials, and articles are used to enlarge the student’s experience with the materials and tools of propaganda. The student will acquire the intellectual framework and sophisticated level of literacy needed to recognize and respond to the aims of propaganda.

    Prerequisite: CSE095, ESL/ESR099 Pre- or Corequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101

    CSE120 Reading the Biography

    3 credits; 3 hours

    This course will introduce students to the critical reading and evaluation of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries and journals. The aims of the course will be to: evaluate claims to truth and truthful recollections; examine historical claims through first person accounts; develop awareness of the methods and techniques of biographical and autobiographical writing; understand the uses of biographical writing and its place in society; explore biographies and autobiographies as vehicles for the creation of the self. The student will become proficient and develop a deeper appreciation of biographical narratives and their uses in self-understanding. The materials to be read in class will vary by semester and the course may be thematically organized.

    Pre- or Corequisite: ESL/ESR098

    ENG101 Composition I: An Introduction to Composition and Research

    3 credits; 4 hours

    In this course students write coherent essays in varied academic formats, both in and out of class, responding to culturally diverse materials and using appropriate technology. Students focus on critical and analytical skills through reading and listening and study aspects of argumentation including formulating theses; researching and identifying sources; evaluating and documenting sources; and communicating persuasively across contexts, purposes, and media. Admission is based on college placement test scores. The course meets in four scheduled classroom hours per week.

    Prerequisite: CSE095/099, ENA/ENG099, ESA099,ENA/ENC101

    HUL100 Communication and the Non-Native Speaker

    3 credits; 4 hours

    This course is designed to help the student develop facility with English when it is not his or her native language. It is especially designed to provide students with insight into interpersonal relations in various cultural settings. Course content will include communication theory, interpersonal skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication, and reinforcement of oral language skills. Students will survey the sound system for Standard English; learn listening skills, and self-corrections for pronunciation and grammar. Pre- or Corequisite: ESL099

    MAT120 Elementary Statistics I

    3 credits; 4 hours (3 lecture, 1 lab)

    This course presents the fundamental concepts and computational techniques of elementary statistics. Topics studied include statistical graphs, measures of central tendency, standard deviation, percentiles, probability, binomial and normal distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and linear correlation/ regression. Students will use a statistical software package to obtain basic sample statistics and graphs for data analysis. A graphing calculator will be used for routine computations.

    Prerequisite: CSE099, MAT096

    SCP140 Topics in Astronomy

    3 credits; 3 hours (2 lecture, 1 lab)

    This course surveys modern astronomy with special emphasis on recent developments in space and astrophysics. Among the topics to be covered will be planetary astronomy and geology, the moon, the possibility of life on other worlds, energy production in stars, stellar evolution, pulsars, quasars, “black holes,” and cosmology. Laboratory periods will include field trips to planetariums and observatories in the N.Y.C. area.

    Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101, MAT096

    SCB101 Topics in Biological Sciences

    3 credits; 3 hours (2 lecture, 1 lab)

    This course serves as an introduction to biology for the non-science majors. It will cover topics such as basic chemistry, cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, anatomy and physiology, evolution, and ecology. The scientific method and application of quantitative techniques, data analysis, interpretation and presentation will also be covered.

    Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101, MAT096

    SSS100/SSB110 Introduction to Sociology:

    Contemporary Society

    3 credits; 3 hours

    This course offers students information and ideas with which to understand the social factors of human life. It places the study of social interaction, social processes, and social institutions in an historical context. It examines the human condition with particular reference to work, to culture, to personality, to ethnic, class, and gender relations, as well as to economic and political institutions. (SSB110 is the bilingual version of SSS100.)

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