• Advanced Placement Courses at Newcomers High School
    Advanced Placement Government and Politics
    The AP course in government and politics is intended for qualified students who wish to complete studies in secondary school equivalent to a one-semester college introductory course in United States Government and Politics or in Comparative Government and Politics . 
    Advanced Placement Calculus
    The AP Calculus course consist of a full high school academic year of work and are comparable to calculus courses in colleges and universities . It is expected that students who take an AP course in calculus will seek college credit, college placement, or both from institutions of higher learning . The AP Program includes specifications for two calculus courses and the exam for each course . The two courses and the two corresponding exams are designated as Calculus AB and Calculus BC . 
    Advanced Placement Chinese Language and Culture
    The AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam are intended to further multiculturalism and multilingualism in secondary school education. The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is designed to be comparable to fourth semester (or the equivalent) college/university courses in Mandarin Chinese. 
    Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture
    The AP Spanish Language and Culture course engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary and historical contexts. The course develops students’ awareness and appreciation of products, both tangible (e.g., tools, books) and intangible (e.g., laws, conventions, institutions); practices (patterns of social interactions within a culture); and perspectives (values, attitudes, and assumptions that underlie both practices and products). 
    Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture
    The AP Spanish Literature and Culture course is designed to provide students with a learning experience equivalent to that of an introductory college course in literature written in Spanish. The course introduces students to the formal study of a representative body of texts from Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic literature. The course provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their proficiency in Spanish across the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) and the five goal areas (communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities) outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century. The overarching aims of the course are to provide students with ongoing and varied opportunities to further develop their proficiencies across the full range of language skills — with special attention to critical reading and analytical writing — and to encourage them to reflect on the many voices and cultures included in a rich and diverse body of literature written in Spanish.