• My office is Rm 112B
    Guidance counselors help students through high school by offering a wide variety of counseling and support systems for academy, social, and emotional needs. They are also usually responsible for scheduling courses on student program cards for day school, Extended Day and summer school. Finally, they guide students through the college and career preparation process. Parents should visit guidance counselors during Parent-Teacher Conferences each term. Guidance counselors are usually identified on program cards and report cards. You can also find the names and contact information of guidance counselors by contacting the school and asking for the Guidance Department. "

    Welcome to Ms. Theodoropoulou's Page

    School & College Guidance Counselor

    Name: Marie Theodoropoulou
    Email: mtheodo@schools.nyc.gov
    Phone number: 718-937-6005 EXT: 111
    hello In order to help students easily access college information I designed the main college page and all subsequent pages.

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