• Dear Students, Parents, and Staff Members, 

    It is a great honor to serve as the principal of Newcomers High School. Our school mission is to provide new immigrant students with an instructional program that emphasizes the development of English language proficiency as well as helping our students and parents with the adaptation process to a new school system, a new city, and a new country. Newcomers High School is a school of excellence, which has received a "Well Developed" in the Quality Review by the New York City Department of Education for the past five years. This distinction is a tribute to the high caliber of our academic program as well as to our support services to students. 

    As the principal of Newcomers High School, I have a strong commitment to work with parents, students, and the school staff to strengthen our community and provide support to each student to achieve graduation and to be ready to attend college. I would like to invite parents to be partners in this effort. The vision we share is that through collaboration we can address challenges and set action plans to best meet the academic and developmental needs of our students. I would like to invite all community members to participate in the following events:

    • Parents' Association meetings, which meet every month.  At these meetings we provide information about school programs and updates as well as provide a forum for community-based-organizations to share their support to immigrant communities. 
    • The School Leadership Team meets every moth. This committee is essential in identifying school needs, formulating action plans, and advising the principal on critical decisions. 
    • Throughout the year we hold traditional events such as our Parent-Teacher Conferences, Multicultural Festival, International Food Festival, Awards and Honor Society Ceremonies. 
    • Parents may volunteer to chaperone students on school trips. 
    • We encourage everyone to participate in the NYC School Survey every spring. 
    • We invite you to participate in our School Quality Walkthrough in the spring semester.
    • Students are invited to participate in extra-curricular activities such as our After School Enrichment Program, College Now, Athletic Teams, our Tutoring After-School Program, our Saturday Tutoring Program.
    • We invite parents to attend parental workshops we offer every month prior to the Parents' Association meeting as well as on Saturdays. We also offer English classes to parents on Saturdays.

    We look forward to see you in our school, please do not hesitate to share your comments, concerns and complaints with us, this will give us an opportunity to improve and provide all our students the best instructional and support program to prepare them for college and career.  


    Orlando Sarmiento, Principal

    Email: osarmie@schools.nyc.gov 

    Phone: 718-937-6005, ext. 444

Last Modified on November 26, 2017